Know It All Around Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator (RNG) is a computer-based program that provides random outputs. Of the two types of Random Number Generators, Casinos use Pseudo-Random Number Generators that do not require input. Instead, they need an algorithm, and a seed number produced every millisecond.
Outputs generated by Random Number Generators are not random. They take the last number or the last two produced numbers and do any mathematical operation to show the result. Therefore, the casino games are not really random.

RNGs and Games

RNG is usually used in games that are virtual and that do not require a dealer. This, however, does not confine RNG into online casino games. Many offline casinos use RNGs. The general idea of an RNG is that they assign a value to every symbol on a reel. Thus, the RNG produces a number anywhere between the number of symbols for the number of reels. If this random combination wins, you get paid!

Testing RNGs

Every casino has to be licensed, and their softwares have to be tested. Many organizations do this, like Technical Systems Testing, owned by Gaming Laboratories International. They test and consult online and offline casinos. Their evaluation includes:

  • Random Number Generator Evaluations
  • Game and Mathematics Evaluation
  • Ongoing RNG or Game payout Verification and Reporting
  • Live dealer, Sportsbook or Betting Exchange Evaluations
  • Lottery and Pari mutuel Evaluations
  • Poker system audits
  • Penetration testing and full security audits

Those that earn certification are deemed fair and random. In essence, the tests confirm that any external variables do not influence them.


Numbers can be predictable at times, and that makes it easier to manipulate them. Although it is a challenging task impossible for 99% of online gamblers, RNG can be hacked. However, with the tests and evaluations are done to ensure fairness in games and the authenticity of casinos, manipulatable RNGs are pretty rare.

How Are RNGs Used in Online Casinos?

Casinos are famous for games that depend on chance. To keep up with randomness and the options in game and victory, casinos use RNG. Online casinos imitate offline casinos. This is done with the help of software that displays the outcomes on the player’s computer screen.
The software communicates with RNG that generates a number as a possible outcome. Finally, the number is applied to the software at the exact moment and shown on the player’s screen.
Winning or losing in an online casino is not magic or luck, but all about what number the Random Number Generator generates. The use of RNGs and the randomness in the outcome have different opinions. As the numbers are random and the seed numbers that produce the results are random, RNG can be considered random. However, the algorithm that produces the outcome out of a seed number is any mathematical operation( addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division), where the result remains constant.

Know It All Around Random Number Generator

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